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September 30, 2010
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Pot Luck by sealle Pot Luck by sealle
So the LONGEST pregnancy EVER!!!

Yup you see right, Wren has finally foaled!


Wrens pregnancy progressed well, coming off her amazing win at the HEWA 90 Day test and champion overall mare was the icing on the cake.

Having a mare of such quality, and a homebred one at that gave the team such a high that adding the genes from the stunning Irish Sport Horses stallion Pajama Party only served to make this unborn foal that much better.

Cut back on her training schedule she was continued to be given light work, and after the first few months of boredom and insane excess energy she finally calmed down and settled into rest. Her grey hide seemed to fade more and more each day until by the time her flanks had ballooned out she was almost white, save for her knees and muzzle. Light white dapples dotted the silver coat and she gleamed in the winter light.

The first signs of spring were arriving, blossoms on the trees and the taste of warmth in the air left the yearlings frolicking around their paddock and the mares pricking their ears and tossing their heads in excitement. Snow still blanketed the mountains along the edge of the property and the evenings warranted a blanket and cosy stall as those bitter winds blew the frost down to fight tooth and nail for the valley below.

Ryan had been watching the grey mare as she dozed in her stall and with frequent visits from Harley the pair waited anxiously as the due date fast approached.

Harley was reading in the aisle with her feet propped up and a blanket snugly tucked in around her when she heard a grunt and tussle from within the birthing stall. Dog earring her page she popped her head over the door to see a sweaty and nervous mare pacing around and tossing her head in confusion. Slipping into the stall she walked up to her mount, palm up and crooning softly.

Wrens ears pricked and she ambled over to thrust her big head into the woman’s chest. Harley smiled, scratching her ears and playing with her forelock as she peeked around the goliath stomach. Grunting again Wren nervously tossed her head, butting past the woman as she began to pace once again.

It was a stressful hour for both the staff and the mare as they watched the young horse struggle through her first delivery. The foal seemed determined not to budge and stubbornly refused to vacate its warm and comfortable bed for the cold and bright world awaiting it.

Finally a pair of tiny hooves popped out, dark toes surrounded in membrane as its dam lay heaving on the straw. Jhon ducked in to check the baby was positioned properly before quietly slipping out again to leave the mare to push. Straining, Wrens eyes rolled and her ears pinned, stiff legs scuffling hay around the stall as another wave of contractions rolled over her.

A nose appeared, small and dainty, and then the head was out. A quick breather allowed the now exhausted grey to catch her breath before the last spasm cleared the foal’s shoulders and the still body slipped out into the straw.

Grunting and flailing the mare struggled to roll onto her side, tiredly lifting her head as she peered around at the still body. Harley gasped, watching like a hawk as the mare stumbled to her feet, and began to tear away the membrane that enclosed the foal.

A small whinny escaped him as his mothers warm tongue roughly forced him into the world of the living. Dazzled and confused he wrinkled his nose and blinked at the crowd gazing in at him from the barn. Giant ears twitching as Wren nickered to him, encouraging him and calling him.

The crowd sighed, relief washing over them as they watched their newest addition flop around in the stall, trying to control his long spindle like legs.

It was only after he had nursed and fallen asleep did they realise what they were looking at.

“He’s naked” Frankie stated in her usual blunt fashion.

“He may grey out yet” Harley defended her favourite mare’s firstborn “You will just have to wait and see!”

“But he hasn’t even got the white that both his sire and dam had! A throwback!” Frankie glared at the colt “here we go around the world, find ourselves a flashy stallion with amazing talent combined with colour, his dam is grey! With huge white legs and all this lil colt has are a tiny half pastern and a few hairs on his forehead!”

“That’s genetics for you!” Jhon chuckled as he grinned down at his cousin in-law.

“Hrmmf” Frankie grumbled, a slow smile creeping into the edge of her mouth “I just thought of the best name!!!”


“He’s STARKERS!!!”

“Oh God”


Eeeeeeeee ok im in love with this baby! not only did all of his parents colour somehow skip him but Bay is my fave colour and not to mention i LURRRVVVVV Jama and that + Wrens first baby is a colt = :iconilavplz:

He is going to be a TERROR on the jumping coarse!!! though it appears he wont be HEWA elligable but he will go into HSWA!!! ;)

Registered Name: KhC Starkers
Barn Name: Tony
Sex: Colt
Age: Foal
Breed: Australian Warmblood (50% TB, 25% Swedish WB, 25% ID)
Appearance: Bay
Genetics: Ee-Aa
Height: Projected 16hh
Breeder: *sealle
Owner/trainer: *sealle
Temperament: He’s a curious little colt, open and friendly he investigates everything. He can get a bit pushy when excited and tends to run flat out around the paddock, bucking and pigrooting like a loony. He loves water and has managed to get stuck in the water trough and tip numerous buckets over at any opportunity. He should be an interesting young man come breaking time!
Sire + Dam: Pajama Party – KhC Seaborns Sirren

(Side note about the pic. Im really njoying this loose style! so you will see more of it soon! also this is working size ;) as i am lazy!)

Jama (c) :iconhandstands-for-you:
Wren + Tony (c) ME!!!
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WesternSpurs Mar 30, 2013  Student General Artist
your backgrounds always amaze me :heart:
Thank you!
WesternSpurs Apr 1, 2013  Student General Artist
shy-fox Aug 17, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I really like how the sketching is still visable, it gives a nice feel to it
dark-blue98 Jun 23, 2011
Mendokusee Oct 20, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He is amazing! And adore your new style! It feels so relaxed :aww:
naww thanks!! it is way more relaxed and loose!
i love your style, it's so simple - yet detailed and complex.

and WREN BABY?! :ohnoes:
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