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February 4, 2013
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Charisma by sealle Charisma by sealle
Well, this is another old image. BUT, i have decided i need to get all of these images posted asap so you guys are caught up to what is happening on the farm.

SO this is an updated image of Cassy, aka. Charisma. Who has not been drawn at all in digital yet and is now a stunning 3yo and about to start her career as a riding horse. Mostly before this she has been running rampant in the paddocks, causing chaos and flirting with all the boys she comes in contact with.

SO a small story featuring Cassy, Greg (a misc Kid who rides at KhC), Garry (aka Garrawi), Lin (aka Zeppelin) and a new face who has yet to get a ref Zeffira.


“Greg. Go grab Cassie from Pokeys. She has been out there for the weekend with the terrible duo, but we need to bring her in for a check over and a work out this arvo.” Ryan tapped the curry comb on the wooden upright next to Azee’s stall. The orange mare rested, her eyes closed and lower lip wiggling in bliss. “Ride Garry out and pony her back. She will be easier to catch with another horse for her to focus on.”

The slight teenager nodded and grabbed the halter and lead off the filly’s stall before bridling the grey and leading him into the barns aisle. The gelding was still half asleep but seemed after the boy vaulted on him bareback his eyes flickered open. Greg nudged him forward and with a tail flick he ambled out into the summer sunshine.

“Oh and Greg!” Ryan came jogging out of the barn, a small plastic bag in hand. Don’t forget the fruit. The darn filly seems to be partial to it so if she gives you trouble feel free to entice her into cooperating.” As he handed the bag over Garry finally seemed to snap awake. The rustling of the bag that promised treats causing him to spin and reach his muzzle around, snuffling the boys boot in an effort to reach the snack. “No treats for you fatso, you are on a diet.” Ryan chuckled, as he pushed the Warmblood’s head away.

Greg tucked the treats in his pocket, smiling as Garry’s ears swiveled at the sound. Clicking his tongue he turned his head down towards the driveway.


Garry was sweating a bit, Greg could feel it seeping through his jeans. Suddenly regretting not grabbing a saddle he played with the leads clip as Garry’s relaxing walk brought them the last few meters to the gate. Halting the gelding he swung his leg over and slid down to the ground. He lead the grey over to the fence under the shade and with a stern ‘Stay’ he looped the reins over the fence post.

He unlatched the gate, skipping through it before shutting it firmly. Finally in the giant front paddock he paused and scanned the hills. A small black speck moved between the trees on the next hill. He let loose a piercing whistle. The head popped up. Another whistle and a chestnut and creamy body emerged from under the trees. One last call and all three horses broke into a canter, charging towards the boy waiting by the gate. The three fillies slid to a stop in front of him. Excitement causing a few squeals and nips to burst free as they jostled for attention. Greg chuckled.

The trio was one of his favourites to visit. The two thoroughbred fillies were filling out now that it had been announce they would not join the few horses that the race trainer was in charge of in Melbourne. Instead the duo would wait another year before they began their careers as riding horses. Lin the big black filly was the sweetest. Her sinfully black coat and almost creepy blue eyes gave way to a soft inquisitive muzzle and a tendency to fall asleep on your shoulder while you scratched her withers. Fire, the chestnut, was rounder and rather lazy but equally curious and friendly about newcomers, especially when there was food involved. Though he had learned previously, you had to watch her when she was in a mood or body parts could vanish equally fast into her mouth.

Then there was Cassy. The champagne filly was full of spunk and cheekiness. She was the one nosing around his pockets, her soft lips already pulling out the plastic bag of treats. He gently pushed her nose away and as she turned to pin her ears at a confused Lin he shooed her away. Snorting and squealing she put on a very impressive display of bucks and spins before calming down enough that he let her get close again. Fire stood watching the whole shenanigan with a very disinterested expression and Lin kept demanding cuddles. After spending too much time lavishing the girls with attention he realised he had better get Cassy back to the stable. Pulling out the bag of treats he smiled as all three sets of ears suddenly locked onto him. Looping the lead around Cassy’s neck he bribed her with a slice of peach while slipping the halter over her nose and buckling it. Grabbing two of the remaining slices he tossed them away and with the other fillies distracted he led her out of the paddock.

Garry had dozed off a little in the shade and woke with a snort as Cassy shimmied over and affectionately nipped the gelding on the rump. Pinning his ears at her he raised his hind leg in warning before turning to Greg with a look of intense suffering.

“I know boy, but I have a peach for you if you agree to put up with her.” Offering the last two peach slices he smiled as the whiskery lips picked up the juicy fruit. “Ok guys, and lady, of course, time to get back to work.” He unhitched the grey, flipping the reins over his head and swung up onto the horses back. “I’m damn lucky you are short Garry. It saves me a lot of trouble.” Collecting the young mare he pulled her head away from the geldings rump and turned their heads to home.


Also, if you are curious as to where this is taking place, they leave the training barn on the main stud farm and Greg rides Garry up the drive to Pokeys, which is one of the front paddocks we spell the horses in.

have a map for reference ;)
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Dezzy-Sky Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014  Student Digital Artist
what breed is she, shes gourgous 
sealle Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014
She is an Obertaurer x Lusitano. Shes going to be appearing more often soon!
sherryXcherry Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014
This is probably one of may allt-time-faves from your gallery :love:! Charisma looks so majestic :D. The pale colours work nic together too ^^
sealle Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014
XD thanks so much! it was actually a really loose and drawing to do. It was a lot of fun and i had a great time making her really enjoy the background.
sherryXcherry Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014
You're welcome :D
pony-aphrodite Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2013
is this done on a computer? please tellme your secretsJealous Amike La An Emoticon From Years Gone By :la: choir 
sealle Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013
It is! XD haha practice is the main one! 
Liliandril Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013
0.0 it's so pretty !
sealle Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2013
Thank you!
Kawisaurus Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2013  Student General Artist
stunning pose- I love that face :D
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